Fr. Philp aims to provide spiritual food for the journey with sermons that are biblically based, theologically and philosophically informed, and spiritually relevant. Please enjoy these "windows" into our service.

 Bishop's Easter 



 February 27, 2022 

 We go to Jerusalem 


 February 20, 2022 

 The Sower

 The 5th Sunday after Epiphany 

 February 6, 2022 

 Living into Our Baptism 


 February 13, 2022 


 The 4th Sunday after Epiphany 

 January 30, 2022 

 True Authority 

 The 2nd Sunday after Christmas 

 January 2, 2022 

 Jesus our Nazarite 


 The 3rd Sunday after Christmas 

 January 23, 2022 

 Dying to Self