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Fr. Philp aims to provide spiritual food for the journey with sermons that are biblically based, theologically and philosophically informed, and spiritually relevant. Please enjoy these "windows" into our service.

 Bishop's Pastoral Letter 

 Concerning Coronavirus 

 Advent II 

 December 4, 2022 

 Divine Medicine 

 Advent 1  

 November 28, 2022 

 The Horizon of Christ  

 All Saints Day 

 November 6, 2022 

 Our Vocation 

 Trinity XXII  

 November 13, 2022 

 A Work Begun  

 Trinity XIV  

 September 18, 2022 

 Saving Faith  

 Trinity IX  

 August 14, 2022 

 Ministers of Reconciliation  

 Trinity VIII 

 August 7, 2022 

 The True Vine 

 Trinity VII 

 July 31, 2022 

 Not Condemned to Barrenness 

 Trinity V 

 July 17, 2022 

 Faithfulness without Compromise 

 Trinity IV 

 July 10, 2022 

 Some Rules for God's Household 

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