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Trinity Anglican Church

We are a parish of the Anglican

Church in America (ACA) in the

Diocese of the Northeast. The ACA

is a member of the worldwide

Traditional Anglican

Communion (TAC)

We are disciples of Jesus Christ, and we invite you to journey with us along The Way.

Trinity Anglican is a growing, family-sized parish. We are disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we welcome all persons who desire a deeper relationship with God and neighbor. Each of us seeks to strengthen his or her faith in Jesus and reach out to others with joyful hospitality. Together we seek to live and grow as one body in the Lord.


We are rooted in the Anglican Tradition. Therefore, we follow the witness of the early Church and live out that tradition today in catholic worship, orthodox belief, and evangelical outreach.


We are a warm, happy fellowship and invite you to "come and see" the joy of abiding in the Word. If you are interested in learning more about us, please visit our About Us page.

Our Bishop

The Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh

Ordinary, Diocese of the Northeast

Presiding Bishop, Anglican Church in America

Our Vicar

The Rev. Robert Philp

Fr. Rugg will be departing on the last Sunday in February. The Rev. Rob Philp has been named as the Interim Vicar and will begin his ministry in March

About the Background

Andrei Rublev's Icon of the Trinity

Andrei Rublev was born around 1360 and died on January 29, 1430. The icon pictured in the background on this page is his most famous work and perhaps the most famous of Russian icons.

The icon is called "Troitsa" (Trinity). It is also called The Hospitality of Abraham because it depicts Abraham's encounter with three angels who eventually speak as one person identified as God (YHWH) in Genesis 18:1-8.

For more information, see the Wikipedia entry for this icon.

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