Current Sermons
Fr. Philp aims to provide spiritual food for the journey with sermons that are biblically based, theologically and philosophically informed, and spiritually relevant. Please enjoy these "windows" into our service.

 Bishop's Pastoral Letter 

 Concerning Coronavirus 

 Bishop's Christmas 


 Bishop's Thanksgiving 


 Trinity V 

  July 4, 2021 

 Fear Not 

 Trinity II 

 June 13, 2021 

 The Banquet is Ready 

 Trinity IV 

 June 27, 2021 

 Humility vs. Hypocrisy H

 Trinity III 

 June 20, 2021 

 Coming Home 

 Trinity Sunday

 May 30, 2021 

 The Glorious Trinity 

 Trinity I 

 June 6, 2021 

 The Only Love that Unifies 


 May 23, 2021 

 The Power of the Spirit 

 The Sunday after Ascension 

May 16,, 2021

 Come, Holy Spirit 

 Rogation Sunday 

 May 9, 2021 

 I Have Overcome the World 

 Trinity VII 

  July18, 2021 

 Slaves to Righteousness 

 Trinity VI 

  July11, 2021 

 In Christ